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    game theory in politics

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    Analysis of the Thai21 flag game based on the classic game theory which was used in the TV Show, 'Survivor'.

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    Dear Student,
    Hi. I am not quite sure why this posting of yours has been addressed in Political science but I am assuming that Game Theory is a set theory taught in your Pol Sci class - it is interesting because it applies in tribal politics, meaning it can apply as well in real life politics. As an avid viewer of survivor, the flag game, I recall was called Thai 21 and is an application of the classic game theory. Avid Survivor and Math theory blogger Kennedy Goody (2002) has also studied the Thai21 game and he used what he calls strategizing for a 'non-cooperative game'. He applies John Nash' (the real-life mathematician whose life was the basis for the Russell Crowe starrer 'A Beautiful Mind') equilibrium principle and it goes like this (Shor, 2006):
    "A Nash equilibrium, named after John Nash, is a set of strategies, one for each player, such that no player has incentive to unilaterally change her action. Players are in equilibrium if a change in strategies by ...

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    The solutions presents a discussion of the Thai21 game, a form of game theory, as was used in the TV Show 'Survivor'. It also includes in the discussion manifestations and adaptations of the Nash equilibrium as was displayed in the game.