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    Power is a central concept in the study of international politics. Define power and explain the key characteristics of power to illustrate how states and other international actors effectively exercise power in the international arena. In your opinion how can states effectively exercise power in the face of international terrorism?

    2-3 double spaced pages.

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    I cannot write your essay, but I can give you some ideas about power. I have included the basic precepts of power and the three theories/theorists for you to read and expand on in the essay. I have also provided an opinion on how to exercise some power with and against terrorism.

    Power is the ability to control the situations and people within one's own environment and beyond. In terms of governments or businesses, it is the ability to control the issues and resources needed to control people and other entities. Power enables power. Power is gained through wealth, personality, consistency, and in some cases illegalities. Power creates legitimacy for countries and leaders.

    Power is often considered evil. The ability of an entity to control their industry or their environment as a whole is considered unfair by those outside of the power. However, power is gained by the legitimacy given it by people. The sources of power have been studied and defined over time and continues to be the basis for study. With leaders such as Chavez in Venezuela, fascination in what ...

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    Power as utilized by nations and states in international politics is discussed and explained.