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The dependence model of power

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Describe the dependence model of power as well as the five sources of power in organizations. Give an example that did or could apply in real life.

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Power is the ability to make someone else do something that he/she does not wish to do. The dependence model of power is a relationship between two people, where one person has the ability to influence another person, for better or for worse. Most of the population is not, in general, always compliant. Hence, in order to make a person do something that he/she would otherwise not do, the person doing the task must be dependent on the one who holds power.

The five sources of power in organizations are described below.

1) Legitimate Power
This is also known as positional power, and is based on a person's hierarchy in the organization. In general, people who hold positions higher in the organization have legitimate power over those who hold junior positions. This power is legitimate as it is ...

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In this solution, the dependence model of power is explained in 530 words. An example of each of the five sources of power is provided.

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