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    China's rapid growth and the threat to the US

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    read the following article and give evidence of doing so in your initial and additional postings:


    Discuss whether this development is a threat to the US or is just 'free markets' at work? Should the US fear the rise of China in this future critical industry? Lastly, what can the US do, if anything, to regain the advantage?

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    China's rapid growth over the past few years, in nearly every market, should be a concern for the United States. The US has enjoyed a position of dominance in nearly every field for decades, but it is by no means a guarantee for the future. The production of energy is and has been a bit of a thorn in the side of America. Dependence on foreign oil being the headline item, weakens national security and hits American's in the pocket book. By taking the lead on developing new ways to produce energy while at the same time increasing their current supply of energy produced by traditional coal burning plants, China is strengthening their position in the world ...

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    Discusses the current economic boon in China and the impact of that on the United States.