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    US foreign policy toward China using the theory of realism

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    Analyze US foreign policy towards China using the international relations (IR) theory of realism.

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    In international theory, realism has the following qualities:

    The belief that people are inherently bad rather than good. People are ego-centric and seek their own benefits at the expense of the best interests of others.
    States are motivated primarily by their own self-interests rather than by idealistic beliefs in a "greater good" or benefit for all.
    The survival of the state is the utmost priority.
    Military and economic powers are the two most effective ways of advancing one's own interests while controlling the actions of other states.
    Any measure necessary to maintain the supremacy and growth of the state is justified. (http://catdir.loc.gov/catdir/samples/cam032/99053676.pdf)

    The behaviors of both China and the US are explained through the international theory of realism. China has a long ...

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    This solution examines the foreign policy of the United States toward China. Specifically their foreign policy is examined through the lens of the theory of realism. Nearly 500 words of original text along with sources for further research and review.