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rapid population growth of developing countries

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Many people regard the rapid population growth of developing countries as our most serious environmental problem. Others think that the population growth in developed countries, though smaller, is actually a greater threat to the environment. What kinds of problems result from population growth in developing countries and in industrialized countries? Which do you think is the greater threat, and why?

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The rapid population growth of developing countries is considered.

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There are three fundamental aspects that one has to consider:
Balance in the food chain
Utilization of renewable resources
Socio-economic impact
Let us first discuss the population growth in developing countries. Due to excessive population growth there will be scarcity in the natural resources. People will start utilization the natural resources at a very fast pace and eventually there will be very few resources left. This will lead to imbalance in the ecosystem. More and more industrialization will lead to greater utilization of fossil fuel and more and more ...

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