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Influences on Addiction and Dependence

Define drug abuse, addiction and dependence. What character traits are most associated with these terms? What role does our cultural and societal structures play in perpetuating drug abuse? If you had the power and opportunity to help solve these problems, what solutions or programs would you develop?

In answering this must included two outside sources and be answered in a minimum of 400 words.

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Drug abuse, addiction and dependence is the state of being where a person feels they can not function, live their life or do without a specific outside substance. The character traits most associated with these terms include spending large amounts on the substance. Other character traits include perhaps stealing when money can not be found to obtain the substance. Other traits include regular use of the substance, most definitely on a daily basis. Other traits include the person's mood, habits or mind state being altered by the substance. As well, the habitual nature of taking the substance also makes it fall ...

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This solution discusses elements that affect drug abuse, addiction and dependence. The text contains 406 words.