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    Recruitment Measures for Tech and Engineering Personnel

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    Savannah Engineering, Inspection and Insurance Company's (SEIIC's) primary recruiting need is for engineering and technical personnel. Over that last two decades, these professions have generally been in high demand and relatively scarce supply. As the HRM manager responsible for recruiting and selecting people in these fields, you have a need to stay abreast of trends that affect the demand and availability of these specialties. In this assignment, you will investigate these trends and identify steps that you might take to ensure that your company has access to the number and types of people that it needs.


    Identify issues in the current business environment that affect the demand and supply of engineering and technical personnel.

    Describe specific measures and techniques that progressive companies are using to recruit and select people with these backgrounds.

    I need it to be about 3-4 pages double spaced or 2-3 single spaced. Three sources are needed, if not please dont respond. I will include and cite the information given by the OTA into my research paper. The 3-4 pages will not all be used.

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    Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. The information below has been sourced from a selection of articles, reports and other published materials. Might I also suggest that in your final paper, you add ideas from your current class materials? Your professor will be expecting you to link what you have 'researched' to ideas from your books and then discuss them in context with the identified issues, for example. I have added an introduction and a 'summarising' section. The mode of the voice is first-person to show you how to write it according to the demand of the problem (it has put you into a 'role' that you must 'act'). If you have any questions about the solution, just let me know via the feedback section and I'll try and clarify things for you. A word version of this solution is attached (a better version as it is print ready). Good luck with your studies.

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    (Title) Issues and Trends in HR Recruitment for Engineering & Technology

    The Situation

    I am concurrently the HRM manager for Savannah Engineering, Inspection and Insurance Company (SEIIC). Our company is specialized in that our main personnel are technicians and engineers. CNN (Segall, 2011) rightly reports that in science, technology and computer engineering, the job market is so fierce. In order for companies to build, produce and maintain products and ideas, they need the talent. The field of science and engineering is a specialized field and as such, companies find themselves competing for talent to fill up their ranks. It is talent that makes a difference and moves companies forward in a competitive environment. My company does underwriting, competence and maintenance support for engineering projects and the specialists and technicians required to fill our ranks come from varied fields but all fall under the science and technology umbrella. We have a lot of competitors and it is important that we hire the right talent and retain them. Below I have listed the current issues in our business environment that affect supply and demand of personnel in our field as well as the trends, measures and techniques employed by companies like us to recruit and select the people we need to fill in our ranks.

    Current Issues Affecting Supply & Demand of Hires

    1. Economic Downturn - the US and the rest of the world are experiencing a protracted economic recession. In the US, jobs are scarce and in Europe - Portugal Italy, Greece and Ireland - they are economies in danger of imploding due to a variety of policy, economic and market issues. One would imagine then that our company will feel the downturn quite heavily being that we are an engineering and tech underwriter. For governments to inject capital into the market, they look to building and engineering projects. Capital then is made available to engineering, tech and building companies. As such, our sector is doing really well. The US government for example has injected a lot of capital into renewable energy research and renewable energy start-ups. We provide services to such companies and as their portfolio grows, so does their need ...

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    The solution provides information, insight and advise in putting together a paper that reviews the 'current' business environment needs of an exemplified company (see above) in relation to the demand and supply of engineering and technical personnel. Recruitment and selection measures are discussed specific to this particular populace. Reports, articles and books, both online and print have been resourced to create this solution and they are all listed in the references section.