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Radicalization process/disaffection

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What is the importance of understanding the radicalization process and the branches that lead from disaffection and socioeconomic/political origins to political violence?

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The Radicalization Process

What is the radicalization process? Simply put, the radicalization process is the process by which an individual changes or metamorphose from a passive individual towards an actively vested social agent either as a revolutionary, a militant or extremist. Jihadists fall under the militant and extremist tags and so do all forms of terrorists and their groups. There are 4 stages one goes through towards radicalization. The NYPD (Silber & Bhatt, 2007) explains:

? Stage 1: Pre-Radicalization - the point of origin for individuals before they begin this progression. It is their life situation before they were exposed to and adopted radicalized ideology as their own.
? ...

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