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Islamic Youth Violence in France

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What are some of the reasons for the recent rise of violence by Islamic youth in France? Use at least one internet source in addition to the text to answer this question.

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Islamic Youth Violence in France

In the last quarter of 2005, French suburbs surrounding Paris lit up with violence that was shocking but to Franco socio-political observers, unsurprising. In the US, the word 'suburb' conjures up images of tree-lined streets and white-picket fences, sleepy and leafy towns and villages where families are raised by parents who work in the nearby city. The word for suburb in French is 'banlieue' and it couldn't be further away from the American idea of a suburb as it possibly can. 'Banlieues' are actually ghettos, outer city 'ghettos' that are, according to Strieff (2007), the "tinderbox of crime, sky-high youth unemployment and minority disaffection." This is where the poor, the displaced and the disassociated live - people who are unable to find their place in French society, instead find that they have no voice and little or no say in the affairs of the country as well as their own hopes of the future. In the French 'banlieues', life chances (the probability due to availability of opportunities for an ...

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