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Martin Marger on Nationalism

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What is civic and what is ethnic nationalism? Why did the author (Martin Marger) argue that ethnic nationalism is the most devastating force in the world today? Do you agree or disagree?

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Civic vs. Ethnic Nationalism

Civic and ethnic nationalism, what's the difference? Ethnic nationalism is a kind of notions of 'nation' where ethnicity becomes the basis of membership. We can, for example, refer to Native American 'Nations' as examples (i.e. Navajo Nation). Civic nationalism defines nationhood and membership in it based on political philosophy where membership is defined by secular and civic ideas and ethnicity is just among the factors that allows for membership. You and I when we say we are part of the American Nation or the British or German nation refer to civic ...

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The solution provides a differentiation and explanation of civic and ethnic nationalism and why Martin Marger argues against nationalism being that it is the most devastating force, as he sees it, in the world today.