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    Can a terrorist be rehabilitated

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    How do we un-make terrorists? Should we try? They all can't be converted to informants.

    For the sake of this discussion, assume that some can re-enter society no longer as threats. Not everyone who becomes a terrorist remains one. Given that reality, what then shall we do to best transform them into non-perpetrators of terror?

    What should we look for in determining which terrorist might be a good candidate for "un-making"?

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    Dear Student,
    Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. Your question is very interesting in that I have read a fantastic and enlightening article in Time Magazine about a deradicalization program put into place by the Saudis to deradicalize former members of terror groups. The questions you asked above are the very same questions the Saudis wanted to answer and to do this they needed to get into the root of radicalization - how come these individuals, these groups turned to radicalization? Is it their socialization? Is it their religion? Is it a propensity brought about by personality and preference?

    True, a terrorist can be turned into an informant, a source of information necessary to keep tabs of the group that he or she belong to. But true, a radicalized individual holding a dangerous belief cannot be trusted to act in the interest of society and cannot be left in that state for as long as he or she remains in such a mindset, in such a world view, then his or her actions will be rooted to that worldview and that is the danger. So, how do we unmake terrorists?

    The Saudi program focused on what radicalized their own people. Saudi terrorists are men and their ideas are rooted in their equivocal belief of the teachings of equally radical imams and groups who use religion to shape mindsets, to justify terrorism. So how can this process be reversed? Instead of prisons, the government ...

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