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    Factors of Competent Teachers

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    Describe two characteristics that competent (perhaps even outstanding) teachers possess and how they relate to student learning.

    Provide an example that illustrates how teacher beliefs impact student learning.

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    Two characteristics competent teachers possess are the ability to listen and treat each child as an individual learner with their own individual way of learning. Good teachers listen to their students' feedback and concerns understanding that even if they are competent teachers or outstanding teachers their teaching is only as good as the student's ability to comprehend what is being taught. Therefore, even if I were to previously have a class of students that received the highest scores in the state on their assessment tests conceivably because of my teaching skills the next class would have to be viewed as a clean slate.

    If students in the next class are not ...

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    The expert describes two characteristics that competent teachers possess. How they relate to student learners are determined.