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Discussing Federal Policies

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I need help with this assignment please. I just started this public administration class and do not fully understand the political policies word. Please guide me. the questions are below.

Pick two similar federal policies that were discussed over a span of two different administrations. For example, President Clinton's and Obama's health care policies or President's George H.W. Bush's and George W. Bush's foreign policy.

1. Discuss the historical perspective of the time when each policy was discussed or implemented. What was the context or the problem of the day and the urgency for the policy?

2. Analyze the social, economic, and political environments for the times the policies were discussed or implemented.

3. Criticize each policy for its effectiveness of the time.
4. Use four to five credible and reputable sources to support your points.

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In terms of public administration it is important to differentiate the difference between political policy and the

programs which implement policy.

*political policy- Government is constantly concerned about what needs to be done to sustain the balance and

interest of the country and uses the Constitution as its guidelines. For instance if the Constitution says all

citizens have the right of free speech and in any way there is a discrepancy in that being implemented it is the

duty of the government to create or modify existing policy that keeps to these rights granted by the


*public programs- All the activities designed to implement public policy which often calls for the design and

creation of organizations, public agencies, and bureaus. For example during the Johnson administration the

Civil Rights Act was signed into existence to dispel public forms of discrimination across the board not limited to

African Americans but towards all US citizens (again as promised by the constitution/"the freedom to pursue

happiness"). To support and implement this new form of policy various forms of programs and organizations

were implemented that said policy. An example of the enforcement of this policy was the busing programs

where students from the city were bused out of their neighborhoods into more affluent areas so that youth

were allowed to take advantage of a better education. Another form of policy which supported the Civil Rights

Act was affirmative action which ...

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