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Doing Research

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Most researchers formulate the hypothesis for their research project before they actually start the data collection process. Why do you think this is necessary? Do all research projects need to be hypothesis driven? Why?

When preparing your response to this question it will be necessary to consider the definition and purpose of a hypothesis. Presumable the hypothesis is a statement of expectation between two variables of interest. In that regard is may be nothing more than an educated guess. What is meant by â??educatedâ? is that it is based on some research and knowledge of the particular phenomena the researcher intends to investigate. That being said the definition of a hypothesis is directly related to the purpose, testing a relationship between two variables. For example a hypothesis may simply state that there is a positive relationship between shoe size and IQ. To make such a judgment it is necessary to have some information concerning the causes and facts related to measurement of shoe size along with how IQ is determined. Please take these issues into consideration when forming your response to this question.

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The researcher is usually interested in the subject and has an idea of the what or why and from that they can formulate a hypothesis. The research is then based on finding support for or against the hypothesis. Having a hypothesis allows the researcher to focus on information ...

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