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Constructs and Variables in Research

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Could you help me understand the following:

What is a variable?
What is a construct?
Which methodology uses variables, which uses constructs?
Can you give me a detailed example of variables and constructs?
How do variables or constructs link to the theories in articles?

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Q&A - Variables & Constructs

Q - What is a variable?
A - A variable, in research is simply that factor or element that can be controlled, changed or measured. In investigating a phenomenon or doing an experiment, after identifying the research questions, we look at the variables at play (Helmenstine, 2014). Then we design our research or experiment around them. There are 4 types of variables but there are 2 main ones - independent and dependent. An independent variable is that one element that you change while the dependent variable is that which is observed to see if the independent variable affected it. The other 2 are controlled variable and the extraneous variable/s. The Former is the constant variable - unchanging in the experiment while the extraneous ones are those identified to be ...

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