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Proven Layoff Preparation Methods

Organizational downsizings are a regular feature in the business news these days. For 2007, 779,678 employees were laid off in mass layoffs (more than 50 employees making unemployment claims) according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (Source: http://www.bls.gov/schedule/archives/mslo_nr.htm#2007)

Employees are often caught unprepared for the day when they receive their layoff notice.

What advice would you give to employees so that they are prepared in the event that their manager arrives in the office and says, â??Iâ??m sorry, but weâ??re going to have to let you go today.â? Present at least three ideas for how employees can be prepared for a loss of their jobs.

What assistance should employers be expected to provide to terminated employees? Present at least three ideas for assistance that employers should provide to their laid off employees.

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I would advise any employees today, to have contingency plans in place for if they are laid off or terminated from a job. In order to be prepared in case of a layoff, an employee should be continuously searching for secondary employment during their off time, employees should try to save as ...