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Logic & Critical Thinking

Management and Leadership

1. What is the essential difference between management vs. leadership? 2. What different communication styles do managers and leaders use? 3. How do the communication strategies used by managers and leaders differ? What is the story you are putting out? 4. Describe the formal and informal communication networks in your

Describe WebPros company Intranet.

Describe WebPros company Intranet. Include how the information is laid out and what security measures are in place to protect your company's information.

Internet Use by WebPros

I need your help with the following essay. Thanks. Describe the use of the Internet in your company or organization (WebPros) Address the following issues: Is the Internet used for advertising? Is the Internet used for internal and external information dissemination? Is the Internet used for market research? Is the I

Control Function of Management and Control Systems in Management

1. What is the control function of management? Why does the controlling function of management have a negative connotation? How is the controlling function of management evolving? 2. What are the different types of control systems? What are some advantages and disadvantages of the various control mechanisms? How does your org

Short Description

Xenia, I need the following broken down into powerpoint notes that I can convert on to slides. Here is the following question. Compare and contrast 3 types of organizational structures(WorldCom). The different types are flat versus tall, centralized versus decentralized (coordination, authority and decision making), team-bas

Three fallacies explained

Help me figure out what kind of fallacies are exemplified here. 1.Michael Jordan wore that brand, so those must to be the best basketball shoes. 2. The difference in the outcome was Jefferson's missed field goal. If he had put it through, we'd be going to the Super Bowl. 3. We can recognize that athletes that participat

3 fallacies 4choices

Ok here are my only choices for the these fallacies- Non sequiter, equivocation, false ananlogy- and Ad ignorantium Here are the fallacyies I think 1. That's gotta be a great line of clthes. Have you seen the prices and the people endorsing it? -false ananlogy 2. Despite endless efforts, no one has been able to prove that G

Modus ponens and modus tollens

I know the rules of modus ponens and modus pollens but am struggling with these two phrases, I need some help with these. Madeline must have known the material for the test, because if a person knows the material, that person will get an A, and Madeline was one of the students that got an A. Anastasia believes that if sh

Expressive and directive functions of language.

The following statements concern the expressive and directive functions of language. Choose answer (a) or (b). A. Criticism is properly the rod of divination: a hazel switch for the discovery of buried treasure, not a birch twig for the castigation of offenders. 1. Expressive: (a) a positive attitude towards criticism (b)

Organizational Planning

1. What are the different types of plans that organizations can use? What types of plans does your organization (webpros) use and why? 2. What are the steps in the planning process? Which step is the most crucial? Why? Can organizations over-plan? Why or why not?

Four Functions of Management at WorldCom

I need help explaining how each one of the following factors impact the four functions of management at WorldCom. In your explanation include specific examples of these impacts: 1) Globalization 2) Technology 3) Innovation 4) Diversity 5) Ethics Also, explain how managers can use delegation to manage the impact that

Examples of Fallacies

Can you give me 3 examples of Fallacies that are in the news today and explain why they are Fallacies? Also- Can you define fallacy and give me your thoughts on the subject?

Valid or Invalid Syllogism

Are this syllogism valid or invalid? Some sticky substances are yucky things. All taffy is a sticky substance. Therefore, some taffy is a yucky thing. Also, how do I end this one? All books are things with pages. Some books are mysteries. Therefore,

Scientific Groups Disagree About Neanderthals' Ability to Speak

The following T/F statements refer to this news report: Scientific Groups Disagree About Neanderthals' Ability to Speak Recent reports indicating that Neanderthals were able to speak were wrong, researchers say. Scientists from Duke University reported in May that a bony canal in the skulls of Neanderthals called the hypog

truth-values of a-c on the following interpretation.

5. Determine the truth-values of a-c on the following interpretation. UD: Set of U.S. cities Bxyz: x is between y and z n: New York City c: Chicago s: San Francisco a. Bnsc v Bsnc b. (Ax)Bxcs > (Ex) ~ Bxcs c. (Ax)(~ Bxsc = Bscn)

The Sales Manager for Big C represents the public face of the consultant company.

Xenia, I need your help.The following is all about the Big C firm. I need help going more in depth(1/2 pages) about the HR departments role such as how HR handles all the pay, personnel and other internal functions for the Big C firm. Also a few Power Point slides would help out great to portray the key points. The Sales Man


I am having issues with a subject. I need you to answer these attached questions and explain why so I can complete other like it.

Inductive thinking and logic and beliefs

1. Identify and explain one or two beliefs and attitudes of those around you that you believe are founded on poor logic (inductive or deductive). Can you find illogical thinking embedded in cultural beliefs? Please explain. 2. What are soft deductive arguments? How do these relate to inductive thinking? What is needed to emb


Write down the assumptions they believe are being made. Here is an example: Ed and Sarina are college educated. They decided to move to the suburbs from the city, although both will continue to work in the city. The pressures of the city are getting to them. They are having more arguments. They spend weekends getting out of the

Essay Questions: Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making.

Need help! Need help composing an essay question or questions relational to "Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making." Number 1 The design should have the effect of integrating the concepts of critical thinking. Number 2 It should be challenging, the response(s) demonstrate the ability to analyze and evaluate


Question 1 1. (R v X) > (A > B) 2. Q > ~C 3. ~C > Z 4. R . Y 5. Q v A /Z v B Question 2 1. ~(U v R) 2. (~R v N) > (P . H) 3. Q > ~H / ~Q question 3 1. ~(S v C) 2. ~(S . R) > (C v D) /D Question 3 answers Expanded Question 4 1. D > P /(I . D) > P Question 5 text 1. P v