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    Logic & Critical Thinking

    Critique of a postmodern philosophy

    Submit a 1400 word analysis and critique of a prominent postmodern thinker's philosophy. Present a summary of the philosophy along with a reaction and critique. Support your position, and discuss your experiences that confirm or disconfirm your chosen philosophy. Choose only ONE from the following major postmodern thinkers: P

    Descartes' Pure Inquiry

    After reading the discourses, what do you think so far about Descartes' project? Do you think it is possible? Why? Why not? Use examples from the reading to support your claims. I have attached the reading material. Thank you!

    Analyze a scientist's arguments, why sound or unsound

    Explain why each argument is either sound or unsound. A scientist proposes the following arguments to determine if a human being is a person: 1. To be a person a human being must be conscious and able to feel pain. Therefore, a human being that is not conscious and unable to feel pain is not a person. 2. To be a pers

    Disseminating knowledge

    250 words: The experts agree that widely disseminating knowledge is crucial in the era of knowledge work. How is this best accomplished, in the most concrete of terms? 250 words: How can we best manage combining autonomous, self-directed performance by knowledge workers with the interconnecting needs of the organization?

    Job Satisfaction

    Please address the following items: o Define job satisfaction. o Explain the impact that organizational socialization has on job satisfaction. (about 400 words please).

    Developing Syllogisms From Incomplete Arguments

    Supply the missing premise or conclusion of the following enthymeme in such a way that the resulting syllogism is valid. All major polluters are industrialized countries, but no industrialized countries are ready to limit their pollution. The conclusion is clear.

    Investigations: Causal Hypothesis Analysis

    Please review my responses (and give suggestions) Using the following question, QUESTION: Learning music can help children do better at math. Gordon Shaw of the University of California, Irvine, and Frances Rauscher at the University of Wisconsin compared three groups of second-graders: 26 received piano instruction plus p

    Critical Thinking

    What is the most important concept about critical thinking for a person? What tools/insights does critical thinking give someone to make positive change in their life?

    Argument questions

    What determines if an argument is fallacious? Why and how are fallacies used intentionally?

    Moonlighters - Identifying occupation by deduction

    Problem: Mrs. Cooper, Ms. Harris and Ms. Read each have two different occupations. No one shares an occupation with another. THe following is known to be true about the women and their occupations: The engineer and the musician oftern attend concerts together. The author asked the accountant to help her prepare her income tax

    Supporting a Position

    Choose a position on capital punishment and state the position with facts about capital punishment.

    Short summary

    Please help me with a short summary on the following objectives. Thank you Patterns of Fallacious Reasoning ? Recognize fallacies in written, oral, and visual arguments. ? Develop spontaneous oral or written arguments.

    Same Sex Marriages

    Discussing a Polarising issue: Same Sex Marriages Provide a discussion/analysis of a particular social polarising issue.

    Fallacy Journal and Presentation

    FALLACY JOURNAL AND PRESENTATION Presentation of 2 fallacies from the print, visual, and sound media. Study media sources and identify items that represent different fallacies. The best sources are editorials, letters to the editor, advertisements, news reports, tabloid type newspapers, talk shows, call-in programs, etc. Y

    Contemporary-Issue Paper on Same-Sex Marriages

    Select a contemporary issue that that has generated polarized view points (environmental policy, taxation and income redistribution, benefits for same-sex couples, worker's rights, and etc.). After selecting the issue, describe the competition between elite groups and/or special interest groups in regard to related policy decis

    Summary - Critical Thinking, Assumption & Emotions

    Please summarize the following: Assumptions: Critical Thinking and the Unknown 0 Recognize assumptions in various situations. 0 Compare and contrast necessary and unwarranted assumptions. 0 Develop methods of checking assumptions and creating alternatives. Logic versus Emotion 0 Explain th

    A logic problem pertaining to coins and a fountain

    Hi! Any assistance to answer the logic problem below is greatly appreciated: Smitty isn't superstitious, but whenever she finds a coin in the street, she makes a wish and tosses it into a fountain. Last week, she hit the sidewalk jackpot. On each of six days (Monday through Saturday), she found a U.S. coin of a different deno

    Use of Language in Thinking and Argument

    I need to create a short summary of the concept/problem below. Your assistance is much appreciated. ------------------------------------------------------- Analysis of the Use of Language in Thinking and Argument · Explain the role of language in the critical thinking process. · Explore the role of cr

    The Perceptual Process

    I need some help with this objectives, thank you. --------------------------------- 1. Outline the perceptual process. Describe perceptual blocks to critical thinking: personal 2.barriers, sensing, and physiology.

    Philosophy: Critical Thinking Case Study Analysis

    Hi could you please help me with this assignment? Thanks! -------------------------------- Answer the follow questions about the scenario and give at least five answers What are the assumptions underlying this scenario? (List at least five) What should the individuals in the scenarios do to validate their assumptions?

    Proof Philosophy Logic Sample

    Hello Brainmass OTA! I need help working this proof: (H>B)&-((RvS)vT),(E&F)vH,(Sv-S).-(D.E) / -(D.-B)&H I need a Proof built. Thank you!

    Summary: Logic and the Critical Thinking Process

    I need help to write a short 100 word summary on these objectives. Thanks! ---------------------------- Objectives: Identify the critical thinking Process. explain the relationship of logic to critical thinking.

    Global Warming: Settled Science?

    Use the items below that you believe to be true, and then set out to disprove it. It is always a really neat thing to be honest with yourself because you will not learn otherwise. What better way can there be for you to get rid of your own misperceptions than to actually learn something about them? What most students find is

    Essay: Dye's Key Sectors of Power

    Hello! I need help with the following: Within the attached articles select an elite figure from any of Dye's twelve key sectors of power. Utilizing a minimum of three outside sources 1050-1400 wd that addresses the following points: 1.What is the basis of the selected figure's power? Is it derived from wealth, influence