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Logic & Critical Thinking

Supporting a Position

Choose a position on capital punishment and state the position with facts about capital punishment.

Short summary

Please help me with a short summary on the following objectives. Thank you Patterns of Fallacious Reasoning ? Recognize fallacies in written, oral, and visual arguments. ? Develop spontaneous oral or written arguments.

Same Sex Marriages

Discussing a Polarising issue: Same Sex Marriages Provide a discussion/analysis of a particular social polarising issue.

Contemporary-Issue Paper on Same-Sex Marriages

Select a contemporary issue that that has generated polarized view points (environmental policy, taxation and income redistribution, benefits for same-sex couples, worker's rights, and etc.). After selecting the issue, describe the competition between elite groups and/or special interest groups in regard to related policy decis

Summary - Critical Thinking, Assumption & Emotions

Please summarize the following: Assumptions: Critical Thinking and the Unknown 0 Recognize assumptions in various situations. 0 Compare and contrast necessary and unwarranted assumptions. 0 Develop methods of checking assumptions and creating alternatives. Logic versus Emotion 0 Explain th

A logic problem pertaining to coins and a fountain

Hi! Any assistance to answer the logic problem below is greatly appreciated: Smitty isn't superstitious, but whenever she finds a coin in the street, she makes a wish and tosses it into a fountain. Last week, she hit the sidewalk jackpot. On each of six days (Monday through Saturday), she found a U.S. coin of a different deno

Use of Language in Thinking and Argument

I need to create a short summary of the concept/problem below. Your assistance is much appreciated. ------------------------------------------------------- Analysis of the Use of Language in Thinking and Argument · Explain the role of language in the critical thinking process. · Explore the role of cr

The Perceptual Process

I need some help with this objectives, thank you. --------------------------------- 1. Outline the perceptual process. Describe perceptual blocks to critical thinking: personal 2.barriers, sensing, and physiology.

Philosophy: Critical Thinking Case Study Analysis

Hi could you please help me with this assignment? Thanks! -------------------------------- Answer the follow questions about the scenario and give at least five answers What are the assumptions underlying this scenario? (List at least five) What should the individuals in the scenarios do to validate their assumptions?

Summary: Logic and the Critical Thinking Process

I need help to write a short 100 word summary on these objectives. Thanks! ---------------------------- Objectives: Identify the critical thinking Process. explain the relationship of logic to critical thinking.

Global Warming: Settled Science?

Use the items below that you believe to be true, and then set out to disprove it. It is always a really neat thing to be honest with yourself because you will not learn otherwise. What better way can there be for you to get rid of your own misperceptions than to actually learn something about them? What most students find is

Essay: Dye's Key Sectors of Power

Hello! I need help with the following: Within the attached articles select an elite figure from any of Dye's twelve key sectors of power. Utilizing a minimum of three outside sources 1050-1400 wd that addresses the following points: 1.What is the basis of the selected figure's power? Is it derived from wealth, influence

Criitical thinking: Purpose and Process

Hello! I need assistance to complete the following assignment! Thank you for all your help. ------------------------------------------------------------- PHL/251 Critical thinking Objectives: Identify the critical thinking Process. explain the relationship of logic to critical thinking. ? Nature of Logic and Percep

Essay Help: Membership in Special Interest Groups

I need your help with the following: Look into the varied individual interests you have that are affected by public policy decisions made by local, state, and federal government. These interests can be professional, economic, and/or social in nature.Draft a corresponding list of the groups or organizations that represent your

Changing Perspectives - Differing viewpoints

Describe a situation that can be viewed differently by two people. This event can be a small as a brief encounter on the street or as major as the birth of a child. State how this situation can be viewed differently for each person. How may religion, cultural, or personal beliefs influence how this event is interpreted? How m

Essay on the 6 Dimensions of Health

The six dimensions of health are Physical, Social, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Environmental. 1.Identify which three of the six dimensions of health are your strongest. (Use any three) 2.Describe why you feel the identified three dimensions are your strongest areas. 3.Choose one of the three remaining dimensio

Pragmatism, Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind

The solution is an analytic philosophy pragmatism and philosophy of the mind matrix aimed at helping students to understand the varied concepts and ideas related to or enclosed within the subject matter indicated. The solution is attached as a word file.

Technology and Management

Please Help: Identify at least three challenges to either employee or customer retention that managers are likely to face due to changes in technology, and describe how you would address each challenge in your role as a manager.

Management Functions: Technology, Dynamics & Value Chain

1. Are there areas that you have identified that are not beneficial to management functions, or to organizational abilities, that are nevertheless driven by technology? If so, what are they, and how will you address these dynamics in the organization? 2. How can technology support a manager in making employees a vital

Comparison & Contrast: Control Function of Management

In at least (1050 wordcount)Including an introduction and conclusion.Contrast at least two examples where the management function of controlling is applied, or should be applied. Compare the examples you have selected in the following areas and include your recommendations as if you were the manager in charge of the control fu

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals: applying technology

Please Help. I need assistance! ------------------------------------ Assignment: Investigate the current technology used in Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. How is technology utilised?

Technology & Management Functions

The solution is a comprehensive essay of 1600+ words tackling the management & logic problem presented below: Based on the workplace environment how has technology been used to support each of the key functions of management (planning, organizing, directing, and controlling). Discuss how technology supported the management fu

Laws of Logic & Critical Thinking, Manipulation & Persuasion

The Solution tackles the following questions: What are the 4 fundamental laws of logic? What is the difference between inductive and deductive logic? What role does emotion play in the critical thinking process? What is the difference between persuasion and manipulation?

Analysing Opinion Statements

How do you know these are all opinion statements? Explain. -Obama is the perfect candidate for the presidency. -England has more than 50% of maternal deaths in Western Europe. -The current elections will be held on November 4th.

Essays on Needs, Behaviour, the Body and the Brain

The Solution tackles the following issues in 3 comprehensive essays averaging at 600 words each with a word version of the solution attached for easy printing. Each essay is written in APA format with references for expansion - ---------------------------------------------------- 1.What are the differences between physiologi

Philosophy: Exercise in Assumption Scenarios

The Solution is a guide in helping the student put together a Powerpoint presentation tackling the tasks & arguments presented below: ------------------------------------------ Prepare a 4 slide PowerPoint Presentation (1 for each scenario)focusing on the questions given in the introduction for each of the scenarios. For

Coach a manager with interpersonal style issues

Case 7-5 Manager on the Defensive (Case purpose: Coach a manager with interpersonal style issues.) STEP 1: REVIEW THE BIG PICTURE In this case, you run a division of 700 people. One of your managers just knocked on your open door: "May I come in and talk to you about something?" You are busy but you say, "I'm rather bu