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    Concept of Fallacy

    Explain what is a fallacy and show the particular flaws in reasoning that correspond with the two listed below: Composition and division Then provide an example for one of the fallacies, the first sentence must be the premise making it a true statement and the second the conclusion that commits the fallacy.

    Fallacy overview

    I need help with finding the correct answer to this question. I have read the chapter and I am unclear what I need to do. Explain what is a fallacy and then show the particular flaws in reasoning that correspond to each one. I need to provide an example and indicate which of the two fallacies is exemplifying.

    Core Concepts of Arguments

    Problem: Your readings this week discuss arguments. This is a core concept of critical thinking. An argument is not a quarrel and requires three elements: * An arguable issue. * A claim (which is really your conclusion). An argument requires that you make a decision about the issue, you must have a claim that somet


    Please help with this assignment - In very short paragraphs/ straight to the point, complete the following: Identify and explain the fallacies of relevance in the following passage. Nietzsche was personally more philosophical than his philosophy. His talk about power, harshness, and superb immorality was the hobby of a harm

    Language, Definition, Genus, and Difference

    Criticize the following in terms of the rules for definition by genus and difference. After identifying the difficulty, state the rule that is being violated. If the definition is either too narrow or too broad, explain why. 'A hazard is anything that is dangerous.'

    Disprove Principle of Sufficient Reason

    Please identify 2-3 examples that seem to disprove the Principle of Sufficient Reason (specifically pertaining to the well-known expressions of: entity, x, event, e, and proposition, p). If examples cannot be made, why not? If so, does it really violate the Principle or not? A clear explanation of all issues is greatly appre

    Philosophy help

    I have formulated my own questions (listed on top). If you could point out the main arguments, premises, conclusion of those main arguments. Basically, I need help answering those questions that ive listed at the top as detailed as possible as it help me out.

    The American compulsion to buy things they don't need

    What are the main points of view presented in this article? We think things will make us happy. Things don't make us happy. We buy based on feelings rather than on need. We soon become dissatisfied with the things we buy. We are foolish for purchasing things in this manner.

    Capital punishment Pro and Con list

    see attachment ... in thinking critically number 6 Capital punishment... so far i have con... 1. killing the wrongfully convicted 2. is this humane and for pro i have so far 1. it is cost effective need help with more to add to my list

    The Non-Cognitivist perspective of the issue of abortion.

    A classmate in another course approaches you at lunch and asks to talk to you about a personal matter. You agree and she then tells you, "I'm considering an abortion, but I'm confused. I asked a couple of my friends and one said 'Abortion is wrong' and the other said 'Abortion is right.' Also, I'm not even sure there is such a t

    This is a comparison of two articles that discuss the importance of critical thinking in schools. Implicit and explicit meaning are evaluated. Two excellent scholarly articles detailing the importance of critical thinking in school and how to achieve valid methods that encourage students to think critically.

    This is a comparison of two articles that discuss the importance of critical thinking in schools. Implicit and explicit meaning are evaluated. Two excellent scholarly articles detailing the importance of critical thinking in school and how to achieve valid methods that encourage students to think critically.

    Critical Thinking about gender in media

    I need help with ideas and information for the following assignment. Thank you. --------------- Using three various sources (textbook, resource, Internet, University Library, and your own experience), describe a critical analysis of modern media. Analyze the material, use critical analysis in evaluating the content, devel

    Know your audience

    Look at the following letter, written to the editor of a newspaper. The paper had recently reported that Pennsylvania teachers were among the best paid in the country. Summarize the key points of the argument in a few sentences. Look for fallacies and examples of vague or slanted language. Then consider the overall effect of the

    Evaluating Sources

    Below are quotations from various sources. If you were using these sources in a paper, would you quote, summarize, or paraphrase? Explain your decision. 2. I am in awe of them, and I feel privileged to have been a witness to their lives and their sacri?ces. There were so many other people whose stories could have been in th

    Evaluating Sources: Reliability

    Suppose you want to use the following passages in an argument. How reliable do you judge them to be? (1) Authors background, (2) authors bias and purpose, (3) publisher or sponsor, and (4) intended audience. 1. Liberals tell kids in school all over America that the best way to protect themselves from AIDS is to wear condoms

    Galileo, Copernicus & 'Consensus' Paper

    I have already researched the careers of both Galileo and Copernicus. I need assistance in understanding how authority distorts clear thinking and relating consensus to a current issue. I didn't realize I required to be clearer in my post. I was just pasting what the assignment required & hoping for assistance in any areas wher

    Critical Essay Writing: Same-Sex Marriage

    Provide some help on finishing an essay on the following subject, Should homosexuals be allowed to legally marry? The below a, b, c needs to be address according to the subject. A) Thesis B) Anti-thesis C) Synthesis


    Provide at least 150 words for each topic Discuss Marx's Development of: Dialectical Materialism Critique of Capitalism


    Discuss the following: Aristotle's Hierarchy of Souls Natural Happiness Aquinas' Proving the Existence of God


    Define and discuss the following: Unexamined Life Dialectic Why was Socrates Executed?

    Persuasion in critical thinking

    What is the role of persuasion in critical thinking? Does persuasion alter critical thought? Is emotion a necessary component of persuasive thought? Why or why not?