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Logic & Critical Thinking

Evaluating Sources: Reliability

Suppose you want to use the following passages in an argument. How reliable do you judge them to be? (1) Authors background, (2) authors bias and purpose, (3) publisher or sponsor, and (4) intended audience. 1. Liberals tell kids in school all over America that the best way to protect themselves from AIDS is to wear condoms

Galileo, Copernicus & 'Consensus' Paper

I have already researched the careers of both Galileo and Copernicus. I need assistance in understanding how authority distorts clear thinking and relating consensus to a current issue. I didn't realize I required to be clearer in my post. I was just pasting what the assignment required & hoping for assistance in any areas wher


Provide at least 150 words for each topic Discuss Marx's Development of: Dialectical Materialism Critique of Capitalism


Discuss the following: Aristotle's Hierarchy of Souls Natural Happiness Aquinas' Proving the Existence of God


Define and discuss the following: Unexamined Life Dialectic Why was Socrates Executed?

Persuasion in critical thinking

What is the role of persuasion in critical thinking? Does persuasion alter critical thought? Is emotion a necessary component of persuasive thought? Why or why not?

The phenomenon of Pre-Texting examined using deontology and utilitarianism.

---------------------- Patricia Dunn is with Hewlett-Packard no more. It all started with a leak; somebody was giving out important company secrets. And with all the deft Hollywood style gumshoe-esque thinking Ms Dunn hired Private Investigator Ronald DeLia to find out just who it was. The Private Investigators posed as H

Meaning Construction & Postmodern Thinking

What are some of the challenges one can face and the possible courses of action they may be drawn to as a result of the new understanding of constructing meaning? How can postmodern thinking aid leaders facing a world in which only those organizations capable of continually reinventing themselves will remain competitive?

Philosophy: Meaning and Value

Hi, Can you please assist? I need to put together a 2,400 word essay on Meaning and value. My paper - Create a narrative description of an approach to meaning and value. Draw from experience and outlook, including ethical standards and values, career plans and ambitions, or views of growth and self-development. Make clear whi


From the Student: Dear OTA, I am working on a case study on Texaco Discrimination Case. I would like some help on two points. 1. Determine all the facts: 2. symptoms of problems. I am writing 2800 words on many sections can you just help with the question above (about 250-300 words per question) Attached is a copy of informa

Critique of a postmodern philosophy

Submit a 1400 word analysis and critique of a prominent postmodern thinker's philosophy. Present a summary of the philosophy along with a reaction and critique. Support your position, and discuss your experiences that confirm or disconfirm your chosen philosophy. Choose only ONE from the following major postmodern thinkers: P

Descartes' Pure Inquiry

After reading the discourses, what do you think so far about Descartes' project? Do you think it is possible? Why? Why not? Use examples from the reading to support your claims. I have attached the reading material. Thank you!

Analyze a scientist's arguments, why sound or unsound

Explain why each argument is either sound or unsound. A scientist proposes the following arguments to determine if a human being is a person: 1. To be a person a human being must be conscious and able to feel pain. Therefore, a human being that is not conscious and unable to feel pain is not a person. 2. To be a pers

Disseminating knowledge

250 words: The experts agree that widely disseminating knowledge is crucial in the era of knowledge work. How is this best accomplished, in the most concrete of terms? 250 words: How can we best manage combining autonomous, self-directed performance by knowledge workers with the interconnecting needs of the organization?

Job Satisfaction

Please address the following items: o Define job satisfaction. o Explain the impact that organizational socialization has on job satisfaction. (about 400 words please).

Investigations: Causal Hypothesis Analysis

Please review my responses (and give suggestions) Using the following question, QUESTION: Learning music can help children do better at math. Gordon Shaw of the University of California, Irvine, and Frances Rauscher at the University of Wisconsin compared three groups of second-graders: 26 received piano instruction plus p

Critical Thinking

What is the most important concept about critical thinking for a person? What tools/insights does critical thinking give someone to make positive change in their life?

Argument questions

What determines if an argument is fallacious? Why and how are fallacies used intentionally?

Moonlighters - Identifying occupation by deduction

Problem: Mrs. Cooper, Ms. Harris and Ms. Read each have two different occupations. No one shares an occupation with another. THe following is known to be true about the women and their occupations: The engineer and the musician oftern attend concerts together. The author asked the accountant to help her prepare her income tax

Supporting a Position

Choose a position on capital punishment and state the position with facts about capital punishment.

Short summary

Please help me with a short summary on the following objectives. Thank you Patterns of Fallacious Reasoning ? Recognize fallacies in written, oral, and visual arguments. ? Develop spontaneous oral or written arguments.

Same Sex Marriages

Discussing a Polarising issue: Same Sex Marriages Provide a discussion/analysis of a particular social polarising issue.

Contemporary-Issue Paper on Same-Sex Marriages

Select a contemporary issue that that has generated polarized view points (environmental policy, taxation and income redistribution, benefits for same-sex couples, worker's rights, and etc.). After selecting the issue, describe the competition between elite groups and/or special interest groups in regard to related policy decis