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Logic & Critical Thinking

An instructor of interpersonal skills for managers is examined.

Scenario: Maria, an instructor of interpersonal skills for managers, has had three sessions with a particular organization. She was told that Neil has not been able to keep a team together for more than three months at a time. She notices that, in her workshops, he lounges with a bored expression and reads the sports pages whil

A souvenir hat is the topic.

You buy a ten-gallon hat as a souvenir of a visit to Texas; only when you got home did you discover that the label states it to be only six gallon hat. By now, you were skeptical that it was even that big, and you decided to test it by trying to fill it with 6 gallons of water. The only containers you had on hand are a 9 gallon

Valid or invalid claims are judged.

Madeline must have known the material for the test, because if a person knows the material, that person will always get an A, and Madeline was one of the students that got an A.

Using Formal Operations

Do you agree with the proposition that about 25% of the adult population uses formal operations (i.e. critical thinking) on a regular basis?

Predicate Logic Proofs

I am looking for help with Predicate and Quantitative Logic. Provide proofs for the attached 4 problems using the 9 rules of inference, the 10 rules of replacement and Quantitative logic. --- Provide proof s for the following four arguments using: The 9 rules of inference; Modus Pollens (MP); Modus Tollens (MT); Hypothe

Critical Legal Theory and Critical Legal Studies

I was assigned a 7 minute oral report yesterday. I am having trouble distinguishing these two topics from one another. I plan to encompass both in my presentation on Critical Legal Theory and Critical Legal Studies. I need to know: 1. Origin - (I think this is Marx, but I am having trouble getting details). 2. What trig

Analysing Arguments: Truth, Validity, Congency

1. I'm having difficulty analyzing arguments-identifying, supplying missing premises for inductive and deductive arguments, diagramming, reconstructing and listing claims and diagramming. For eg. Number must be either infinite or finite. But it cannot be infinite. An infinite number is neither odd nor even, but numbers are a

Formalize and Evaluate an Argument

Hi, I'm having some problems with this topic. I need to formalize the argument and state what the premises are and the conclusion. I also need to evaluate the argument to show the effectiveness of it. Thanks for your help. --- Here's what I think: everyone is selfish. You're always looking out for Number One, no matt

Putting arguments into standard form

I can understand the basic standard form of an argument when it is given to me, but when I see an argument without a second premis I dont understand it. My teacher is not very good at explaining and will not even recommend a good book for me to read to help understand. This is my last hope to understand these examples before the

Arguing for Locke's position in his Letter Concerning Toleration

Government is a civil interest Arguments: 1. Soul is each person's responsibility 2. Faith cannot be forced - Faith-belief - Government has laws. - Laws are only effective because of force. 3. Forced belief is not acceptable to God. - Voluntarily Can you explain me what does it mean? Please g

Evaluating arguments

I present and explain some basic concepts pertaining to the evaluation of an argument.

Issues/Concerns and Recommendations/Solutions

Mainly, how would you approach the problem and what COAs would you develop? Question - What are the critical issues/concerns and recommendations/fix of each area ? Synopsis: I have just been put in charge of rebuilding a military unit that was recently pretty much wiped out in a battle. There are survivors; however, moral

Valid Or Invalid Venn Diagrams

Five identical sweatshirts are placed in a bag. A letter is stiched to the back of each shirt; two of the letters are L's and three are W's. Chris, Hugo and Mary each pull out a sweatshirt without looking at it and put it on. Chris can see Mary's and Hugo's and correctly deduces, "I cannot tell which letter I have on." Mary's on

Surfing Internet news sites

On your lunch break, you surf Internet news sites and read articles on the following topic to prompt a discussion on the relevance of data analysis. After reading these articles, you have become interested on researching additional resources on the data analysis using the Internet, and all other resources that are linked to

Comments from the steering committee

Despite the comments from the steering committee, your manager thinks that your proposal thus far is sound, and encourages you to take the next step - conducting research. Develop a presentation of your proposal to date. You will need to use both literature review and data, and your sources need to be credible and current, I