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Problem: Is this an invalid or valid syllogism?

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All clowns are funny individuals.
Some sad people are clowns.
Therefore, some sad people are funny individuals.

Is this an invalid or valid syllogism?

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First, ask yourself if the argument as presented is in standard form. Standard form means that the major premise is first, the minor premise is second, and the conclusion is last; you are ordering the argument so the statements are one on top of the other:

major premise
minor premise

The major premise contains the major term. The major term is the predicate of the conclusion statement. So, in this case, the major term is "funny individuals." The minor premise is the minor term. In this case, the minor term is, "sad people." Notice the middle term, "clowns." It connects the major and minor terms, and 'drops out' in the conclusion. As presented, the argument is already in standard form.

The quantity of the statements in the argument are as follows:
universal: "ALL ...

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