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Testing syllogisms' validity using Venn diagrams

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To be a valid syllogism, the conclusion must be proven by the reasons. Carefully study the following syllogisms and decide if they are valid or invalid:

1. All zebras are striped animals.
No zebras are polar bears.
Therefore, no polar bears are striped animals.

2. All clowns are funny individuals.
Some sad people are clowns.
Therefore, some sad people are funny individuals.

3. Some sticky substances are yucky things.
All taffy is a sticky substance.
Therefore, some taffy is a yucky thing.

4. All items made of gold are expensive items.
Some rings are items made of gold.
Therefore, some rings are expensive items.

5. All flies are winged creatures.
All butterflies are winged creatures.
Therefore, all butterflies are flies.

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I explain how to test syllogisms to determine if they are valid/invalid using Venn diagrams.

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