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    What are perceptual blocks?

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    What are perceptual blocks? Can you give examples?

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    1. What are perceptual blocks? Can you give examples?

    Perceptual blocks are one of four types of cognitive block (James L. Adams)
    • Perceptual Blocks
    • Emotional Blocks
    • Cultural & Environmental Blocks
    • Intellectual & Expressive Blocks http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/~newton/Classes/CS150sp97/lectures/week1_2/tsld016.htm

    Perceptual blocks are obstacles that prevent the problem-solver from clearly perceiving either the problem itself or the information needed to solve the problem.
    • Seeing what you expect to see: Stereotyping
    o You cannot see clearly if you are controlled by preconceptions (e.g., woman deserve less pay ...

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