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    The Perceptual Process

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    I need some help with this objectives, thank you.

    1. Outline the perceptual process.
    Describe perceptual blocks to critical thinking: personal 2.barriers, sensing, and physiology.

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    Dear Student,

    Perception, also referred to as that process by which we human beings attain awareness or understanding of the reality set before us using sensory data/information is an important concept in understanding human cognition and is a special field of study in philosophy, psychology and of course, cognitive sciences. There are varied theories that try to explain perception, for the purpose of this quick guide though; I'll only provide a link for further expansion. It's up to you to visit these sites to learn more about the theories (see References)-. Proponents refer to cognition as an important part of the human chain of Reason, allowing us to 'Be', separating us a cut above other living thing/creature on the planet, giving us the ability to learn, to know and ultimately, to control. It is a broad topic but as per your request, I'll shorten the explanation and center on the two types of perception that we usually encounter as we live out our lives:

    'Direct perception'

    - In this particular perception, the external world as experienced by the individual directly is the direct source of information, of sensory experience therefore perception, cognition is eventual, direct. Note that ...

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    The solution explains concisely the concept of perception (direct and indirect) as it relates to the blocking of critical thinking (perceptual blocks) specifically in terms of barriers, sensing and physiology. The solution is written in APA format and attached as a word file for easy printing.