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    Logic & Critical Thinking

    Logical Fallacies

    I am having trouble figuring out which fallacy is which. I have read many examples and still confused. I need help I don't know what colleges are teaching these days! I have just received a letter of application from a young man who graduated from the state university last June. It was a wretched letter--badly written, with e

    Logical Translations of Statements

    I need help with translations: "It is a chilli pepper only if it is a hot pepper." What is the correct translation for this? "Unless you come home right now we're through." I am having trouble translating these.

    A fallacy free argument

    I need to write a fallacy free argument on why I should get an A in this class, I am having trouble making it fallacy free.

    Modus ponens and modus tollens

    I know the rules of modus ponens and modus pollens but am struggling with these two phrases, I need some help with these. Madeline must have known the material for the test, because if a person knows the material, that person will get an A, and Madeline was one of the students that got an A. Anastasia believes that if sh

    Expressive and directive functions of language.

    The following statements concern the expressive and directive functions of language. Choose answer (a) or (b). A. Criticism is properly the rod of divination: a hazel switch for the discovery of buried treasure, not a birch twig for the castigation of offenders. 1. Expressive: (a) a positive attitude towards criticism (b)

    Organizational Planning

    1. What are the different types of plans that organizations can use? What types of plans does your organization (webpros) use and why? 2. What are the steps in the planning process? Which step is the most crucial? Why? Can organizations over-plan? Why or why not?

    Symbolizing an Argument

    Symbolize the following argument: 7. If what you say does not enlarge my understanding, then what you say is valueless to me; and if what you say is unintelligible to me, then it is without value to me. Whatever you say either does not enlarge my understanding or else is unintelligible to me. Therefore nothing you say is of any

    Truth-Functional Symbolization Problem

    Symbolize the following argument: 6. Unless both something is done for the poor and race relations improve, there will be major riot; and if the police use violet methods, many innocent people will be killed.

    Symbolizing Arguments Traffic

    Symbolize the following argument: If it snows, the streets are plowed, and traffic is tied up; then the country will have to raise taxes, or both sanitation department and the police force will have to take pay cuts.

    Symbolizing Logical Arguments

    Symbolize the following argument: We are bound to set apart one day in seven for religious duties, if the fourth commandment is obligatory on us; but we are bound to set apart one day in seven for religious duties; and hence, it appears that the fourth commandment is obligatory on us.

    Symbolize the Argument

    Symbolize the following argument: If a person's soul is in proper order, then he or she will be ethical. Hence, if a person is not ethical, then his or her soul is not in proper order. But if a person's soul is not in proper order, then he or she will not be happy. Therefore, if a person is not ethical, then he or she will no

    Four Functions of Management at WorldCom

    I need help explaining how each one of the following factors impact the four functions of management at WorldCom. In your explanation include specific examples of these impacts: 1) Globalization 2) Technology 3) Innovation 4) Diversity 5) Ethics Also, explain how managers can use delegation to manage the impact that

    Examples of Fallacies

    Can you give me 3 examples of Fallacies that are in the news today and explain why they are Fallacies? Also- Can you define fallacy and give me your thoughts on the subject?

    Valid or Invalid Syllogism

    Are this syllogism valid or invalid? Some sticky substances are yucky things. All taffy is a sticky substance. Therefore, some taffy is a yucky thing. Also, how do I end this one? All books are things with pages. Some books are mysteries. Therefore,


    The following arguments contain various kinds of fallacies. Evaluate each and identify the fallacy using the matching list on the bottom. 1. We can recognize that athletes that participate in sports must be given special consideration within our grading system, or we can let the university sink into athletic oblivion. 2.

    Scientific Groups Disagree About Neanderthals' Ability to Speak

    The following T/F statements refer to this news report: Scientific Groups Disagree About Neanderthals' Ability to Speak Recent reports indicating that Neanderthals were able to speak were wrong, researchers say. Scientists from Duke University reported in May that a bony canal in the skulls of Neanderthals called the hypog

    truth-values of a-c on the following interpretation.

    5. Determine the truth-values of a-c on the following interpretation. UD: Set of U.S. cities Bxyz: x is between y and z n: New York City c: Chicago s: San Francisco a. Bnsc v Bsnc b. (Ax)Bxcs > (Ex) ~ Bxcs c. (Ax)(~ Bxsc = Bscn)

    Substitution instances are shown.

    3. Indicate which of the listed expressions are substitution instances of '(Ax)(Ey)(Bxy > Byx)'. a. Bab > Bba b. (Ey)(Bay > Bya) c. (Ey)Bay > Bya d. (Ey)(Bcy > Byc)

    Symbolize English sentences

    2. Symbolize English sentences a-d in PL, using the following symbolization key: UD: living things Nx: x is a nut-eater Bx: x is a black squirrel Gx: x is a gray squirrel Rx: x is a red squirrel a. All gray squirrels are nut-eaters. b. No gray squirrels are nut-eaters. c. Some gray squirrels are nut-eaters. d. Some

    Indicate which of the following are formulas of PL

    1. Indicate which of the following are formulas of PL, and which of those are sentences of PL. For each formula, underline the main logical operator and indicate whether the formula is atomic, truth-functionally compound, or quantifed. For those that are not formulas, explain why not, and for those that are formulas but not sent

    A case study is listed.

    Jeffrey, a manager in his 40s, works for a medium-sized organization in Chicago, and is fed up with work. The problem is not financial, it is that he is not being recognized. The boss recently brought in an outsider to help him at his own expertise. He has applied for other jobs and has been offered one in California. The in

    The Sales Manager for Big C represents the public face of the consultant company.

    Xenia, I need your help.The following is all about the Big C firm. I need help going more in depth(1/2 pages) about the HR departments role such as how HR handles all the pay, personnel and other internal functions for the Big C firm. Also a few Power Point slides would help out great to portray the key points. The Sales Man