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    Intranet: The WebPros System

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    Describe WebPros company Intranet. Include how the information is laid out and what security measures are in place to protect your company's information.

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    Being that my familiarity with the intranet structure is primarily according to my own experience with the organizations I am a part of, I shall draw from that. The solution below is pretty much a general description of how an intranet works and how it is designed. It is entirely up to you to adopt into it information of your own personal knowledge of Web Pros from your own experience.

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    Intranet: Design, Importance & Necessity

    The Intranet is an information network designed specifically to the specific communication needs of a particular company. Corporate communications depends on secure & fast information sharing systems. It is a system designed from the ground up employing data librarians to archive and information technology personnel to constantly monitor & repair the system from software to hardware as well as protect the system from outside threats. While it uses internet protocols, it is not accessed by just anybody. An intranet has a gateway but entering it is only specific to particular authorized users. for example, the British Military has a specific intranet gateway where soldiers & personnel can log on to get orders, share & receive information and communicate to each other according to importance & hierarchy despite the geographic challenge: a soldier in Kandahar can send direct information to his superiors in Germany and his superiors in Germany can then report to the Ministry of Defence in London via the intranet gateway. Sure, it seems a lot like an internet system, something that the world-wide-web can do. In fact some of the functions of the intranet can be accessed via an intranet gateway in the web, the Ministry of Defence' website. What differentiates it from the web is that while it is far-reaching it is specific to the needs of the British Military and is highly secure employing the latest technology: encryption, fast processing speeds, impenetrable system that makes it invulnerable to penetration, attacks or hacking, it is online for some but not just for anyone with fully employed IT professionals 'manning' the virtual & ...

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    The solution discusses an intranet communication system by describing the Intranetg system in place at WebPros, a webdesign & development company.