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    Organizational Planning

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    1. What are the different types of plans that organizations can use? What types of plans does your organization (webpros) use and why?

    2. What are the steps in the planning process? Which step is the most crucial? Why? Can organizations over-plan? Why or why not?

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    There are various types of plans an organization adopts to look after certain aspects of their concerns. The most common among them are -

    ?Business Planning - used to tackle concerns of organizing a new business, a new department in an organization, new products, etc.;
    ?Basic Planning - creating a direction for an organization by identifying goals, conducting an environmental scan, a SWOT analysis (strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats), measuring the health of an organization;
    ?Project Planning - designing & carrying out a specific one-time or long term project;
    ?Strategic Planning - establishing organizational goals & laying out creative strategies to reach them specific to organizational capacity;
    ?Marketing Planning - creating specific action plans to introduce products & services to intended market;
    ?Communication & Computer Systems Planning - every major organization these days rely on efficient, computer-based communications system to relay information & data among its various departments. The way data & communication systems flow must be planned according to the needs of an organization;
    ?Training & Development Planning - plans must be established to direct & control the subsequent training & development of employees so as to ensure capacity & capability to the roles they fill.

    There are still a huge number of work-specific planning but ...

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    The solution explains the importance of organizational planning in the long term success & running of a particular organization. It defines what the concept is about, what various plans a beginning/renovating organization can use to plan how their network is organized to ensure that authority, communication & efficient workflow is in planning. It explains particularly the planning process & the various challenges that come with it.