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    Strategic Management

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    Take into considerations, when strategically planning:

    1. Human factors
    2. Financial
    3. Technology
    4. Legal/regulatory
    5. Corporate, social, and ethical responsibility
    6. Culture
    7. Organizational structure

    Please collaborate on the above considerations! 300 words

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 700 words with references.
    //Prior to discuss about considerations of the following factors in the Strategic Planning, we have to first of all, comprehend the precise meaning and role of strategic planning. So, initially, we will talk about it under the heading of Introduction, for example: //


    Strategic Planning is a defined task of the Management that is pertained with the present & future growth of an organization. It furnishes the route plan for the business firm. For any company, strategic planning makes it possible to carry out decisions effectively regarding the future with greater consciousness of their significances. It renders direction to the company that suggests how growth could be accomplished (Ryall & Craig, 2003).

    //Above, we talked about the strategic planning, which is mainly related with the outgrowth and future of a Commercial Enterprise. As per directions, now, we will talk about the considerations of the various factors i.e. human factors, financial, technological, etc. in strategically planning. If you want, you can add more in this topic, which you find suitable. I am just providing you a brief overview to enhance your knowledge.//

    Factors ...

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    The strategic planning considerations are determined. The response addresses the queries posted in 700 words with references.