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    Environmental Scanning, Management & delegation

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    Xenia, just need help with a short essay for each problem in your own words, about 250 words a piece.

    What is the purpose of environmental scanning? How has the management of your organization(WebPros)been influenced by external and internal factors?

    What are some advantages and disadvantages of delegation? Why do some managers choose not to delegate? What has been your experience with delegation? What did you learn from that experience?

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    Dear Student,
    This is how I see you answering the questions provided. It asks you not just to define what the concept is but to present it from a personal experience. Below are assumptions of how I reckon your company adopts this ideas, expand them as you will. Good Luck!

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    Environmental Scanning

    Environmental Scanning is about business enterprises collating every available information within their environment to help the enterprise achieve a sustainable business advantage. Competitive advantage is all about knowing one's business terrain - What are the needs of the market? Where can expansion happen, if ever? What possible product alteration or changes can we do for our product portfolio to be more market specific? Strategies & plans can readily be altered to fit the needs of the enterprise & the demand of the market according to changes in trends when environmental scanning is adopted as a reflexive act.

    WebPros is a company geared at producing internet-based products and services. We service a portfolio of clients whose needs differ; some call us to design websites for their businesses, some call ...

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    The solution provides a discussion on the advantages of environmental scanning, a logical tactic employed by companies & groups in understanding the 'terrain & market environment' they wish to penetrate, capture, or maintain. It also discusses the logic behind delegation of work, its disadvantages & advantages and its effect on particular case studies, which in the case of this solution is an established & currently trading web Company called WebPros.