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    Organizational Structures: WorldCom

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    Xenia, I need the following broken down into powerpoint notes that I can convert on to slides. Here is the following question.

    Compare and contrast 3 types of organizational structures(WorldCom). The different types are flat versus tall, centralized versus decentralized (coordination, authority and decision making), team-based, boundaryless, network-based and virtual. You can choose from these.

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    WorldCom was once America's most promising telecommunications provider & it's founder, Bernie Ebbers was held as a corporate hero by many. When WorldCom collapsed (a collapse bigger than Enron), it was found out that corporate practices within its inner sanctum (Ebbers & company) is corrupt and does not follow strict corporate guidelines of accountability & clarity required by law. Cooking of books & profit padding was just among the many 'sins' of WorldCom that surfaced. As a result, their clients & costumers suffered while the billions that the group acquired reversed to bankcruptcy. This solution looks at the porganizational structure of WorldCom, how it operated as a massive group of telecommunication main companies & subsidiaries, how it grew & how it was managed via the organizational structure to determine what was so wrong with the way it was organized that it led to one of the biggest corporate downfalls in history. The analysis is presented to help the students create a powerpoint solution for the subject matter, providing a slide by slide suggestion of content & design.