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    WorldCom: Strategies used for Market Control

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    What are WorldCom's strategies for market control?

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    Market Control

    Market control is part of the economic idea behind Market Power, that particular skill employed by companies & organizations to affect alter & control the market price of goods & services. For instance, research shows that De Beers had been stockpiling & buying most of the diamonds that are mined in the world in an effort to keep the price of the precious stone at the level they are currently in. It is said that if De Beers did not stockpile or buy businesses & mining enterprises globally to have the major say in how the diamond trade goes, it is highly possible that diamonds as precious stones would lose their current value as they are more prevalent that other precious stones that are also in demand. In fact the diamond deposit of the world outweigh that than of most of the other precious stones put together - rubies, emeralds, sapphires, etc.

    Coca Cola is a huge global business. The price of its products in India is different from the market prices on offer in the US and this is so because goods are priced according to the buying power of an intended market in accordance with the state of a nation's economy. Both in the US & India however, Coca-cola can raise its prices without losing much of its business to competitors like Pepsi or local beverage companies. That is because Coca Cola as a firm with a ...

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    The solution provides an in-depth discussion on the marketing strategies employed by the once mighty telecommunications giant WorldCom. The solution looks at the marketing strategies that WorldCom's then corporate leader & creator, Bernie Ebbers practiced (or in a sense, malpracticed), linking it to logical decision making principles that are now employed by corporations, a cross-discipline adaptation from philosophy aimed at creating market-efficient & socially responsible business practices. The solution is in the form of an attachment in a word document.