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Logic & Critical Thinking

Issues/Concerns and Recommendations/Solutions

Mainly, how would you approach the problem and what COAs would you develop? Question - What are the critical issues/concerns and recommendations/fix of each area ? Synopsis: I have just been put in charge of rebuilding a military unit that was recently pretty much wiped out in a battle. There are survivors; however, moral

Valid Or Invalid

Five identical sweatshirts are placed in a bag. A letter is stiched to the back of each shirt; two of the letters are L's and three are W's. Chris, Hugo and Mary each pull out a sweatshirt without looking at it and put it on. Chris can see Mary's and Hugo's and correctly deduces, "I cannot tell which letter I have on." Mary's on

Surfing Internet news sites

On your lunch break, you surf Internet news sites and read articles on the following topic to prompt a discussion on the relevance of data analysis. After reading these articles, you have become interested on researching additional resources on the data analysis using the Internet, and all other resources that are linked to

Bazerman's Six Steps

Think about a recent business decision you have made that was either a success or a failure. Your supervisor asked you to email him/her a self-evaluation of this decision as part of your yearly evaluation. You are to be as objective and open minded as possible. Analyze your decision using Bazerman's six steps as a guide: define

True or false and multiple choice

1. Critical thinking is a natural process which requires no effort. A ) True B ) False 2. Critical thinking skills are important in... A ) school B ) home C ) civic life D ) work E ) all of the above 3. Logic is A ) useful in winning arguments B ) a fallacy C ) the stu

Authorities and Mirror tendencies are applied.

1. Authorities To what extent should we rely on any authority for information? Is this approach ever a reasonable way of knowing? What would it be like to live in a word in which we believed only in what we experienced and never in what we heard from others? Think about information you gathered about "emergency preparedn

Testing syllogisms and conditional arguments for validity

Part 1. To be a valid syllogism, the conclusion must be proven by the reasons. Carefully study the following syllogisms and decide if they are valid or invalid: 1. All zebras are striped animals. No zebras are polar bears. Therefore, no polar bears are striped animals. 2. All clowns are funny

Philosophy fallacies, Atheism

1. We can recognize that athletes that participate in sports must be given special consideration within our grading system, or we can let the university sink into athletic oblivion. Please see attached.

Logic questions

Give a critical evaluation of each of the following passages 5. "The First Amendment forbids the government from prohibiting the free exercise of religion. Therefore, the government cannot prohibit religions from engaging in human sacrifice." (Daniel E. Flage, Logic, 1995) 6. If cigarette smokers are warned of the hazards

Fallacy article is assessed.

Identify the fallacy each article commits. I identified the first one to be slippery slope and the second as common belief and the third I am lost. Can you identify these correctly for me by highlighting and explaining why you think they commit these fallacies. Answer the following question below. The Other Shoe


I would like to have these two questions answered for my own research in philosophy, if possible. 1) Is every satisfiable formula derivable? Why? 2) Is every valid formula derivable? Why?


1. Being an only child is (necessary, sufficient, or necessary and sufficient) condition for being a sibling? Explain? 2. Truth table for: It is not the case that if the Lakers do not win the championship, then the coach will be fired. Therefore, if the Lakers do win the championship, then the coach will be fired. Is t

Truth tables and conditionals

1.Give example of conditioanl where, the antecedent is false and the consequent is true, and conditional is true. Also where the conditional is false. 2. Give example of conditional where, the antecedent is false and the consequent is false and the conditional is true. Also, where the conditional is false. 3. Truth tables

Immanuel Kant Quote Question 2 from my homework

I need to know what is the following quote main idea and why does he present this main idea " The will is thus not merely subject to the law but is subject to the law in such a way that it must be regarded also as legislating for itself and only on this account as being subject to the law "of which it can regard itself as the

Immanuel Kant Quote

I am presented with a quote from Immanuel Kant the quote is as follows: "But let us suppose that there were something whose existence has in itself and absolute worth, something which as an end in itself could be a ground of determinate laws... Now i say that man, and in general every rational being, exits as an end in himself

Fallacies and main conclusion

I'm really confused with what to do. I need help on this. I need to find the main conclusion and fallacies in this article (see attachment). Thank you so very much. I appreciate it greatly!

Critical Thinking and Identifying Logical Fallacies

The following arguments contained various kinds of fallacies. We had to formulate each fallacy into an argument. 1. We can recognize that athletes that can participate in sports must be given special consideration within our grading system, or we can let the university descend into athletic oblivion. 2. I do not know wh

One Person, Two Votes

There was a proposal in the erly part of this country tht people with college degrees should have two votes, everyone elso one. I have tried to research this and cannot find anything. I need some ideas for argument for this issue and some against it. Can you help me.

Reasoning and Critical Thinking problem is solved.

It is noon, your lunch hour and you cannot go outside due to the fact it is hailing and raining. You radio weather man says the hail will turn to all rain and it will continue to rain for the remainder of the day. How can one determine if hte sun will be shining in 36 hours. Justify the answer.

Soft deductions

Please give a detail explanation and example of soft deductions, what is the purpose??

Critical thinking questions and issues are featured.

Recently, the Vice President ("VP") of the Marketing Department at American Motors ("AM"), a fictitious large automobile manufacturing company, studied methods for increasing AM's market share of electric cars. Industry sales figures showed that AM ranked third behind the number of electric cars sold by its two biggest competito

Truth Tables

As part of a packet of problems there are 5 truth table problems and I am having problems solving this one. Can you help me set it up?

Propositional Logic is featured.

I have 25 statements I'm supposed to translate into Propositional Logic form and these three are giving me some trouble. Do you think you could help? e) Liza Minelli marries another businessman if Michael Jackson has another nose job, provided it is not the case that neither Britney Spears nor Justin Timberlake is videotape

Modern Square of Opposition is considered.

I'm not really sure if this is a valid argument or not. We are supposed to solve it using the modern square of opposition and the wording is just confusing me! a. It is false that some dogs are not mammals. Therefore, it is false that no dogs are mammals. Valid or invalid?

Counterexample Method

Can you show me how to use the counterexample method to prove the following categorical syllogism invalid. "All criminals who assist other criminals in bank robberies are persons guilty of larceny. Accordingly, some individuals driven by greed are not persons guilty of larceny, inasmuch as some criminals who assist other cri