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    Ok here are my only choices for the these fallacies- Non sequiter, equivocation, false ananlogy- and Ad ignorantium Here are the fallacyies
    I think
    1. That's gotta be a great line of clthes. Have you seen the prices and the people endorsing it? -false ananlogy

    2. Despite endless efforts, no one has been able to prove that God Exists we may just as well stop tying and accept the truth there is in God- Ad ignorantium

    3. All right-thinking people will support the Board of Education's decision to destroy novels in the school libraries that are offensive to the moral standards of the community. If there were an epidemic of typhoid, the health authorities would be expected to do everything in their power to wipe it out. Pornography is worse than typhoid, since it corrupts the minds and morals of the young, not just their bodies. The school board is to be applauded for their prompt action in wiping out this moral disease- Non siquiter

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    1.- Non Sequitar- This means it does not follow or the reasons given do not support the conclusion. Here, the fact that the prices are high and ...