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    Logical Fallacies; Division and composition

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    Explain what is a fallacy and show the particular flaws in reasoning that correspond with the two listed below:
    Composition and division

    Then provide an example for one of the fallacies, the first sentence must be the premise making it a true statement and the second the conclusion that commits the fallacy.

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    When talking about deductive arguments, they can go wrong in 2 ways; first, they can have a faulty part- where there is one or more false premise (Example: Cats are felines. Felines are dogs. thus, cats are dogs) or Second, the argument is put together incorrectly- even if the premises are true the truth of the conclusion is not proven (Example: This is a classroom. I am a teacher. thus, it is raining outside). When an argument commits the second error- when it makes a mistake in reasoning- it is called fallacious. A fallacy is ...

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    This solution provides an explanation of two types of logical fallacies: Composition and Division. Additionally, this solution includes an example of each of these fallacies.