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    Explaining the Fallacy of Composition

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    Explain or define Fallacy of composition and create an example of this fallacies.

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    The Fallacy of Composition

    When we talk of fallacies, we refer to reasoning that at first glance seems sound but deeper analysis would refer flaws in reason and logic leading to confusion. In general, the fallacy of composition infers that something is true because a part of the general is true. Usually mistaken for the 'fallacy of generalization', it is quite understandable why - it generalizes from a small percentage of the bigger picture. In the converse of the 'fallacy of division' wherein a something true known of something ...

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    The solution provides an in-depth explanation of the fallacy of composition and provides examples to illustrate (including a symbolic expression). It also explains the exceptions to the rule regarding the application of a seeming fallacy of composition in claims made in the sciences.