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Advertisements and Fallacy Discussion

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Locate a piece of advertising that demonstrates one (or more) of the deductive or inductive fallacies listed below.

- Describe the advertisement example that you located.
- Identify the fallacy you observed in the advertisement and describe how this is an example of this type of fallacy.
- Explain whether or not you believe the fallacy is effective in persuading customers to purchase or use the product or service being promoted in the ad.

Informal deductive fallacies

- Fallacy of division
- Circular reasoning
- Either/or fallacy
- Reductio ad Absurdum

Informal inductive fallacies

•Hasty generalization
•Pot hoc ergo propter hoc
•Extravagant hypothesis
•False analogy
•Slippery slope
•Genetic fallacy
•Appeal to authority
•Appeal to tradition
•Is/ought fallacy
•Appeal to ignorance

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In a recent Nike Advertisement with Lebron James, one can find examples of informal deductive and inductive fallacies (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8yOG3qYk08). The premise of the advertisement is to focus on Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers right before a game. Lebron, as the team captain, pulls the team together in a huddle and stresses how the team must play well because all of Cleveland "rides with them." It then focuses on how the entire city of Cleveland comes together with the Cavaliers in the huddle and repeats the chant of "together" and "hard work" in unison as one voice. The ending hears these chants with the Nike slogan of ...

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The following posting examines advertising fallacies in the Lebron James Coming Home to Cleveland Nike advertisement

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Discussion on Types of Logical Fallacies

Using various resources, read about at least one of the following logical fallacies:

- Circular Argument (also called Circular Reasoning)
- Personal Attack (also called Argumentum ad Hominem)
- Hasty Generalization (also called Dicto Simpliciter)
- Either/Or Fallacy (also called False Dilemma)
- Non Sequitur Appeal to the Crowd (also called Argumentum ad Populum or Appeal to Popularity)

Give an example of an argument that you have heard or read in the past which demonstrates one of these logical fallacies and identify which logical fallacy it demonstrates. Explain how you would counter this argument with correct logic.

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