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    Analysis of Modern Media

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    I need help with ideas and information for the following assignment. Thank you.

    Using three various sources (textbook, resource, Internet, University Library, and your own experience), describe a critical analysis of modern media. Analyze the material, use critical analysis in evaluating the content, develop an opinion pro or con, and then defend your opinion. Synthesize the various resources into your opinion.

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    First off, as you explore this vast topic, you might argue how media portrayals of women and young girls negatively impact women's notions of body images and promote unhealthy and unrealistic messages about women's appearances. In order to keep the topic narrow, you might want to investigate how media images of women affect body image and influence behaviors, particularly in terms of eating disorder development. What do you think about this topic scope?

    In order to grab the reader's attention, you might cite examples of style icons or actresses who are unrealistically thin. A classic case is the recent death of Brittney Murphy, who allegedly succumbed to the pressures of the media and Hollywood's idealized body notions. Reports claim that "The actress have been painfully thin lately and her family said that she had been throwing up a lot the previous ...

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    Describe a critical analysis of modern media abpout gender