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A Technologically Enhanced Modern Business World

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How has technology (such as smart phones, iPads) affected and enhanced the modern business world? What are the ways that social media has affected the business world? Provide references.

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The solution discusses a technologically enhanced modern business world.

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Technologies such as smart phones and ipads have affected an enhanced the modern business world, largely due to the fact that this technology has made it possible for business executives as well as entrepreneurs and others to be able to conduct sophisticated operations without having to be in business offices etc. This is due to the fact that technology has made it possible for these individuals to utilize their smart phones etc., as the means by which to analyze a great deal of data concerning the business activities, as well as to store an increasing amount of business related data. This makes it possible for business leaders to be able to thoroughly analyze ongoing business data at any time of the day or night, even while these individuals are traveling, which exponentially increases their ability to manage their organizations successfully. This is a very important enhancement to the modern business world, due to the fact that this a allows business leaders to conduct situational analysis on a continuous basis, which allows them to gain an understanding of what changes or adaptation is that they may need to make to their business operations and methodologies in order to increase the probability of achieving desired outcomes.

The information and data provided by this technology also increases business leaders awareness of what mission would be most pertinent for their particular organization and/or departments to focus upon in order to increase the probability of the organization maintaining and increasing its profitability within is given market. Another great thing that technologies such as iPhones and iPads have provided to the modern business world and or modern business leadership, is the means by which to instantaneously scan the Internet for information as to execution methodologies that have worked for other organizations in the past. This is a tremendous enhancement to the business world, due to the fact ...

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