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Intersections of plot and characters

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This job demonstrates how both plot and characters interact with the setting
in the following:
Return From Oz" by Jeffrey Zygmont
Insert Flap 'A' and Throw Away by S.J. Perelman

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S. J. Perelman is one of the featured writers.

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Perelman was able to reach into the minds of people by presenting plots, such as an adult trying to put together a child's toy with extreme difficulty, and saying things about the ideas in mind that most adults would NOT admit. He did this by being (or portraying) the character that was actually having the "unthinkable" problem of being outwitted by something that an adult SHOULD have complete control over. Through his writing, one can actually picture an adult setting in the floor surrounded by hundreds of pieces of a childs toy that should be put together by following simple directions.

S. J. Perelman (1904-1979). His best writing is seen in his parody and satire of modern society and in describing the crazy misadventures of ordinary people. He regarded his own humorous ...

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