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Crucible study notes

1) I am trying to connect how three of the characters in the book (John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor, and Rev. John Hale) are tested and brought to their essence?

2) What specific circumstances/environment cause this surfacing of their true natures?

3) Why would the test of these characters and their being brought to their essence be relevant to the overall story and chain of events?

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First off, as you correlate the title with characters, you might suggest that John Proctor is tested repeatedly and challenged as he transforms from a devoted, honest farmer to one who has to defend him and his wife against witchcraft allegations. He also is forced to change and test himself morally after he has an affair with Abigail Williams, a teen who is a bit of a stalker in modern terms. In other words, I feel like Proctor's morality and integrity are both challenged by his affair and through the witchcraft ordeal, all connecting further to the title's foreshadowing.

Similarly, I also feel like Elizabeth Proctor, too, is tested as a wife, Christian, and woman after her ...

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Crucible study notes are briefly provided to help with character, plot, theme. The specific circumstances/environments which cause this surfacing of their true natures are determined.