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    Creating Thinking, Metaphors, Natural & Mental Orders

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    List metaphors for five different things and organize two sets of natural order and mental orders.

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    Creative Thinking & Metaphors

    First, before we get to examples, we should try and understand what metaphors are and why they are important to cognition and what they mean to creative thinking. A metaphor is a figure of speech that uses analogy to compare, contrast or liken objects and ideas to emphasize or refer to certain meanings provided by the imagery the comparison/attribution creates. There different kinds of metaphors (i.e. an allegory and a parable) and being rhetorical, a metaphor achieves its purpose by associating, comparing, or resembling objects and ideas. A hyperbole and a simile are seen as 'species' of metaphors and their use affects and appeals to emotions and perception. The imagery they create in our minds trigger memories and they are associated to feelings and emotions. For example - 'Her beauty is like the sun, it brings light and life to so many eyes,' - this can be considered metaphorical for it incites 'beautiful imagery' of a woman that, as described by the metaphor, can only be so pleasant to look at that her mere looks make people feel good and happy. The warmth of the sun equates to images of summer and beauty making the description full of emotion. The choice of words in a metaphor creates cultural as well as natural references that in turn create a mental imagery of meaning inciting feelings and emotions that all the more so empowers the metaphor in delivering its ...

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    The solution is a 1,088-word tutorial guide that explains and explores the topic of creative thinking and metaphors. It then provides sample metaphors for a number of feelings/emotional states/objects and also provides a list of natural and mental orders plus an explanation of each via example. References are listed for expansion. A word version is attached for easy printing and digital use.