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Can anyone be creative?

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According to Kirby and Goodpaster (2007) anyone can be creative. Do you agree with this, yes or no? Why?

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Kirby & Goodpaster (2007) in their book 'Thinking' proposed that anyone can be creative. They declared that, "Our brain is prepared to receive and store sensory data, to retrieve that data, and then to process and interpret that data in a higher, symbolic manner of language." Now, bearing in mind the 4 mental orders proposed - topical (natural as in day & night), analogical (comparative as in big & small), chronological (sequence/time as in 1 to 10, early till late), and causal (cause and effect as in accidents result to hurt/death) and also bearing in mind the capacity of the human mind to utilize language as best as possible to explain or detail certain concepts, ideas and perspectives via the use of metaphors, similes and related linguistic figures of speech - human ...

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The discussion in this solution is around the proposal forwarded by Goodpaster and Kirby who claimed that anyone can be creative. The narrative takes a position on the matter and support this in the discussion. References are also listed for further exploration of the topic. A word version is attached for easy printing and download.

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