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What or who is an author? What does it mean to create something?

What is plagiarism?

Why is it important to cite your sources (tell others whose intellectual property you used) when writing or doing other kinds of research? List all the possible reasons you can think of.

How might downloading unlicensed copies of music, movies, or other digitized media fit into this discussion? Does it infringe on the copyrights of authors or creators? How so?

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First, as you consider what or who is an author, please note how it refers to anyone who creates something original, unique, or authentic. It seems to imply an artistic flair. Whether one makes or formulates a poem, drawing, rap, or song, an author "does" or engages in the act of making something of a creative nature.

As you further look at what does it mean to create ...

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Ideas related to plagiarism and authorship are explored.