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    Climate Change and the Media

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    I need to have a word document outline completed for the presentation on "Climate Change and the Media". I need you to revise slide 7 the one with the examples of bridging metaphors. Those are not examples of bridging mnetaphors and I need examples of bridging metaphors on that slide. Slide 16 needs to be revised as well. I need you to come up with an example that Americans would relate to.

    I have attached a sample word document outline. I need to come up with a pre-activity discussion. I was thinking along the lines of bridging metaphors and asking the audience to come up with examples of bridging metaphors and to give examples of them on slide 7.

    For the Post activity discussion
    I was thinking about getting the class to develop a campaign to address media. Or how can use effective communications on a college campus? We need to thinkl whats in it for the students.

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    The examples on slide 7 were issues that have successfully engaged the public, not bridging metaphors. The reason I used them, and the example of Taiwanese nuclear power, was because they were mentioned in the text. If you want to use examples of media campaigns that have gone awry that are outside of the text, you could use the "New Coke" debacle. (Coke is very American.) Basically, Coke was losing market share to Pepsi, so they attempted to change their formula to make it taste more like Pepsi. But consumers who were Coke fans found the change shocking. Rumors were spawned as to why the change was being made. The whole campaign was a disaster, and consumers didn't respond at all the way Coke anticipated. They returned to their original formulation.

    Another great example is the recent appearance of DaimlerChrysler's CEO Dieter Zetsche on television. (DaimlerChrysler was the result of Chrysler's a merger with German automaker Daimler). The company, like other American auto makers, was suffering from a declining market share. Dieter Zetsche attempted to refocus attention on the company, ...