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    Compares and contrasts the different types of thinking

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    Compares and contrasts the different types of thinking identified

    ~ Metaphorical Thinking
    ~ Inductive Thinking
    ~ Scientific Thinking

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    Metaphorical Thinking
    Simply put, a metaphor is the application of a word or phrase to an object or concept it does not literally denote (i.e., "The ghetto was a volcano about to erupt."). A metaphor calls attention to a similarity between two seemingly dissimilar things and, by so doing, establishes the kind of creative tension that has the potential to spark quantum leaps in thinking - the kind of leaping that generates insight and discovery. In fact, a well-placed metaphor is a lot like a... chemical reaction... or a meeting of the minds... or a successful merger ...

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    This solution compares and contrasts Metaphorical Thinking, Inductive Thinking and Scientific Thinking