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    1. satisficing
    2. Affect

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    Misapplication of Heuristics

    Heuristics are experienced-based strategies, processes and techniques that are used to solve problems, to discover new ideas and to gain/create new meanings/knowledge. These techniques are proven over their use over time and some heuristic techniques become reflexive in some people who have used the technique over and over to solve issues and challenges. Common heuristics include 'the rule of thumb', educated guess, deduction, intuitive judgement as well as use of common sense. Heuristics are readily available and even culture-based applied to solve a problem.

    Satisficing and Misapplication

    Satisficing is a heuristic technique that refers to a strategy that seeks not to find the most optimal solution but one that works. While an optimal solution maybe ideal, in the real world not all elements and variables can be accounted for therefore as long as the solution satisfies all requirements, it will suffice. An optimal solution is ideal indeed but a satisficing solution is good enough for it works. It was coined by Herbert Simon in 1956 combining the words satisfy and suffice. Now, satisficing indeed offers a shortcut but a shortcut to decision making that recognizes the need to find a judgment that works - it satisfies and should suffice. But there are misapplications when satisficing is used a judgment call -

    1. With Bias - when it comes to ...

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