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    On Socrates

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    Define and discuss the following:

    Unexamined Life
    Why was Socrates Executed?

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    The Unexamined Life

    In 'The Republic' Plato led 'Socrates', his main philosopher 'character' to continue on a discussion with varied characters and the banter between them - questions, answers, retorts, comebacks and more questions - they are reminiscent of what in the social sciences is seen as discourse. Socrates and Plato already had existing belief systems, they did not teach these to their students directly. The experience of self-examination is the test and the lesson here. The more you think the more you observe about the reality around you and the more you get to know yourself. Hence Socrates' famed line - 'The unexamined Life is not worth Living' (Greek - ho de anexetastos bios ou biôtos anthrôpôi).To examine means to look, to critique, to check, to find, to analyse. Descartes himself, who came a several centuries after Socrates, explored the idea of self-awareness, what makes one himself. How do we know who we are? Are we who we are because of what others tell us of ourselves? Are we who we are because we decided we are so? If that is the case, then what ...

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