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    Socrates's Trial and Human Wisdom

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    My information pertains to Socrates and the subject of human wisdom. It relates to the wisdom of Socrates and his accounts in the defense of himself during his trial. These accounts of Socrates were that of Plato, who indicates that he was in attendance at these trials in the five dialogues of Euthyphro, the Apology,Crito, Meno and Phaedo. This is where the basis for a description or interpretation of such for the the nature of wisdom and where does it come into play based upon the story of Socrates. The subject and foundation of human wisdom.

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    The wisdom of Socrates is that of what would later be called the "Humility Theory." That means a number of things:

    (1) wisdom is not the same as knowledge
    (2) whatever one claims to know, there is very little chance that the person actually knows as much as they claim
    (3) the best way to be truly wise is to recognize that you know nothing
    (4) this acknowledgement puts someone in a position of having to learn things properly
    (5) learning things properly means finding out what is correct,
    (6) and therefore ...

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