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Human wisdom

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Socrates sees the role of wisdom in many ways which was passed down to his student Plato. What does wisdom have to do with the portrait of Socrates that Plato has handed down to us? Was Socrates considered a man of wisdom? What is wisdom and how does Socrates see the role of wisdom in life?

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The solution determines what wisdom has to do with the portrait of Socrates that Plato has handed down to us.

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Wisdom is as even older question in philosophy than the ancient Greeks, whom Plato and Socrates were members of. Wisdom is offered in many other ancient texts as well, including Sumerian, Hebraic, Babylonian, Persian, etc. The question is: why is Socrates so well remembered for being associated with wisdom? That is the key question holding the relevance and answers for your own assignment.

Apart from all the social, geographic or other contextual circumstances for his eventual fame, philosophically the account of him is the first to introduce a still-radical and ultimately seeming paradoxical view of wisdom. That view is now known widely as the ...

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